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The importance of public management education has increased immensely with the growing realization of making the public sector capable of discharging quality services. In view of this realization, people having rich experiences of Nepalese public sector management and sound academic background, dedicated to contribute and share the experiences of the field have come together with the objective of supporting and fulfilling the felt need for quality public management education in Nepal. read more...

Admission Semester

There is a provision of enrollment in program during both Fall and Spring semesters.
The provision may be changed accordingly if the Purbanchal University decided otherwise.

It should be noted that a Semester is an academic session of a period of about 20 weeks of which the classes should take place for at least 16 weeks in accordance with the credit hours stated in the course. For example, a course of 3 credits should be tought 3 hours per week in the class.


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